I help hotels and resorts select the best mix of management systems and technology for their own unique operations, both for new-build properties and for existing operations hampered by out-of-date approaches.   Lifting these restrictions frees staff and management to use their skills and knowledge to maximum effect for the benefit of the property and its guests; let me help you help them.

I also help ownership and management work out a road map going forward, identifying where they are, where they want to be, what’s in the way and which paths are most likely to get them there, and offer guidance at every step along the way.  For potential acquisitions, I can provide a site audit to clarify current technology assets and weaknesses.

I work to help you get the maximum benefit from your computer-based hotel systems, applying over thirty-five years of experience to make sure you get the right mix of systems for your particular situation and environment.  For general information, education and research, this Web site  includes searchable archives of my full-length articles and bi-weekly newsletter.

My services include:

  • Systems Operational Audits
  • Systems Selection
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Implementation Project Coordination

Systems/Operational Audits

I can conduct a thorough review of your property, looking at your current systems from an operational aspect to see how you’re using them at present, discuss where you’d like to go operationally and the obstacles and opportunities you see at the moment, and help you plan how to get to your goals.

Systems Selections

Whether you want general advice on appropriate systems to pursue yourself or help with full-scale RFP preparation, bid analysis, demonstration scripting/monitoring, final system selection and acquisition, I can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.  If you’ve identified a short list of finalists but are having trouble with the final selection, I can help you make that choice and move forward.

Vendor Negotiations

I can help with the negotiation of Purchase and Support contracts, and can provide independent assistance in resolving disputes with your vendors.

Implementation Coordination

From applying a reality check on vendors’ implementation plans to regular monitoring of the implementation process itself.

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