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Fast Feedback Helps Concord“Like many medium-size management groups with multiple brands, we’re always having to pull management data in from many different systems,” says Brian Cornell, Corporate Director of MIS for Concord Hospitality Enterprises, an Ohio-based manager of 20-plus properties with seven national brand flags. “We also try to give our general managers truly meaningful information without overburdening them with data collection and analysis.”

To this end, Concord installed Aptech Profitvue centralized accounting systems in 1999, so that all properties at least have the same financial application. “The key to its acceptance was the Webvue module,” says Cornell. “With this browser-based front end the properties could quickly, easily and in a uniform way enter the end of day statistics and totals from their various property management systems, and get immediate feedback in the form of reports showing how their results compared to budget and to their peers’ figures. And the managers can access these reports from any PC, with the appropriate security clearance.”

Figure 1 [click to enlarge}
Comparison of Smith Travel Reports data for different periods.Courtesy of Aptech, Inc..

“These systems have really sharpened up our responsiveness to the hotels,” he continues. “What used to take a week or month to prepare in a standard format can now be done daily, automatically and in a customized format for each manager that reflects their own specific concerns and trigger points. And since we support the system servers at the corporate office, we have much less downtime than with the older property-based systems we used before.”

“A further layer of effectiveness came with the Execuvue analysis module we installed last year. This gives the managers access to hospitality-specific performance measures, lets them manipulate the reports into any combination of sort parameters they need, and drill down to specific transactions that need investigation. Combine that with a little friendly rivalry when they can see how their peers are doing, and we’re seeing significant improvements in the results.”

Concord indeed.

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