Data at DuPont

“Most operations don’t use a quarter of the data they have sitting in their systems,” says Bill Sullivan, General Manager of DuPont Hospitality (Wilmington, DE), which operates the Hotel DuPont and the DuPont Country Club. “Often it’s scattered among different systems that don’t talk to each other, but you can still achieve a lot by focusing on what they’re tracking individually.”

With five restaurants and bars in a 217-room property, the DuPont has a strong F&B emphasis, so cost control in the storerooms was clearly a good place to start. “We were the launch site for the original Adaco inventory/purchasing system,” says Sullivan, “and it’s been the single best system we’ve ever had, both for quality and reliability.”

“We’re very big on controlling and allocating food costs properly throughout the operation, and the Adaco system has helped us tremendously with accurate data entry, menu engineering and production planning. Moving to the Windows-based version will help us bring new hires up to speed more quickly, and let us open up the database to more people for more reporting, giving them a better handle on how the operation’s doing.”

What other technology makes a difference? “We’re using Micros for POS and TimeSaver for time and attendance reporting, plus VIP Reservations for bookings and for frequent diner tracking, recognition and marketing. All have proved their value, but could be so much more effective if they were better integrated, for example to tie the POS check details in with the frequent diner records. Currently we’re using Datavision to consolidate reporting across all the different products, and that’s been a tremendous help.”

As in so many cases, if you want to really go places you’ve got to have the right connections.

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