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The articles below appeared in Hospitality Upgrade magazine ( and its predecessors between 1998 and 2006. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss any issues associated with them, or would like reprints.

Invisible Systems Fall 2006

Just because some systems work unobtrusively behind the scenes, invisible to the guest and, sadly, often also to the management, doesn’t mean they’re not making a real contribution to your bottom line. Here are a few that will rapidly pay back their investment.

Technology TrendsSummer 2006

While many of hospitality’s goals haven’t changed much over the last five years, the advanced tools we now have available are bringing them much closer. At the same time, they open up new challenges, and allow new goals to be set. What are the key trends in hospitality technology today?

Guestroom TechnologySpring 2006

With so many options and such fast-paced changes in guests’ demands, what technology should a hotel put in its guestrooms? What will be useful in three years time, and how can it be affordable? A guide to trends and the operation payback from well-integrated technology.

F&B Systems: Refining the RecipeFall 2005

Good hospitality in a restaurant is all about the personal touch, but requires effective automation to be really efficient. What tools are available to help you find the right mix of technology? Which systems help provide the best possible service without being obtrusive? (775 KB)

Centralized SystemsSummer 2005

Interest in centralized systems – where the servers are hosted at a remote site which hotels access through a network – has never been higher, and virtually all areas of hotel operations can now be managed with these tools. What are their advantages and drawbacks? Are they right for every property? (645 KB)

RFPs and Systems PresentationsSpring 2005

As hotel requirements and systems functionality both become increasingly complex, it’s become truly challenging for hoteliers to grasp the essence of each vendor’s system and how it meets their needs within a realistic timeframe – and both sides routinely make it more difficult for themselves! A guide to focusing on what’s really important, for both parties. (1.5 MB)

Revenue ManagementFall 2004

To the art of selling the right product at the right price at the right time to the right customer, now add “via the right channel.” Revenue management is even more complex nowadays, yet even more worthwhile. How do you get it right? (547 KB)

Distribution Channel ManagementSummer 2004

The ever-growing selection of distribution channels available to hotels is getting harder to manage every day. What’s the right mix for your property, and how do you get the whole team pulling together for best results? (545 KB)

Going Wireless?Spring 2004

Wireless technology seems to be evolving almost at the speed of light. What do you need to know to get started? Which systems are affected, and which technologies are most important to be aware of right now? (364 KB)

Club Management SystemsFall 2003

Club systems offer championship-level functionality, so why do so many clubs have sub-par satisfaction with them? (800 KB)

Property Management Systems UpdateSummer 2003

What should you look for in a modern property management system? Powerful and flexible, the good ones work smarter as well as harder, play well with other systems and have more options than you know what to do with. (324 KB)

Group TechnologySpring 2003

Group bookings sound simple – just a big block of room-nights, right? – but their complexities can be mind-boggling. Take a look at how technology helps group coordinators put it all together. (604 KB)

Sales Tools – Making ConnectionsFall 2002

Without connections, business doesn’t exist. Our sales tools have been helping us connect clients and properties for years; now they’re learning to connect with each other, too.

Islands of AutomationSummer 2002

Why interfacing the islands of automation all over your property – all your different systems – is still such a challenge despite the benefits, and what we’re doing about it.

Restaurant TechSpring 2002

A hotel front desk at its busiest doesn’t hold a candle to a successful restaurant at the height of the evening rush. Which systems and features really earn their place in the high-pressure, low-margin world of restaurant operations?

Customer Relationship ManagementFall 2001

The promise of a complete CRM solution is alluring – better-satisfied guests, more-productive marketing, fewer surprises for everyone – but it’s expensive and very difficult to achieve. Focusing on just those CRM elements that make most sense for you still brings high rewards, and is definitely achievable.

Technology TrendsSummer 2001

We’re on the threshold of a real breakthrough in efficiency as systems become more integrated, with more universal access and more sophisticated ways of analysing their data. But will we get there?

Guestroom TechnologySpring 2001

It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it. A guide to many of the current trends in equipping the guestroom with technology that makes sense for the guest and for the hotel.

An Embarrassment of RichesFall 2000

A review of the current state of sales and marketing tools, and coping with the tsunami of information they produce.

Perils and Pitfalls of the ‘Puter PathSummer 2000

A summary of typical errors often made during the systems selection and implementation processes, and advice on how to avoid them.

E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Bids…E-GAD!Spring 2000

A review of the impact of the Internet on the hospitality industry – what it means, what works and what’s still not ready. Should you join in the rush to the Web?

Sales & Catering Systems: Poised for Internet-Assisted Take-OffFall 1999

A review of what to look for in S&C systems, and future trends in these powerful tools.

Confused About Property Management Systems?Summer 1999

A guide to the many systems out there; what’s hot, what’s not, how to go about choosing one for your property.

The Backstage CrewSpring 1999

Turning the spotlight on some of the lesser-known systems and technologies that keep hotels and restaurants running smoothly.

Revenue Management Systems – Must-Have or Luxury?Fall 1998

Given that Revenue Management systems are claimed to produce a 3%-6% increase in revenue, why isn’t everyone installing one? A guide to what they do, and what makes for a successful implementation. (This article was also reprinted in Australia and – in German – in FVW International.)

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